Here are some pictures of the kids...well mostly of Ben.

Zoey loves getting her picture taken. Whenever I have the camera out she tells me to take a picture of her so that she can then see it.
Ben is such a good boy. He is always smiling. He is very easy going. In fact he is so much that at his doctors appointment, the doctor said she thinks he is lazy. She asked me all the normal questions like is he rolling over? No, he likes to just hang out on his side. Does he push on his legs when standing? Some times. Are you doing tummy time? Yes. How is he doing with that? He does good. He doesn't push up on his arms yet. (at the doctors) last time I put him on his tummy he just laid his head down and just hung out looking at what he could. She lifted him up with his arms to see how he held his head but he didn't. Just let it hang there. She tried getting him to stand or push on his legs but he didn't. We both think that he could do it, he just is lazy. He is such a good baby. Here are some of his best smiles.

He looks like his daddy with mommy's eyes.
Look at this cute baby!!!! He is getting to big!!!


Ben's first REAL laugh

Yeah...its too cute. I was cracking up and can watch this over and over again.




So its been a while.We are officially in Spokane!!! Yeah. It has been lots of fun. I haven't taken any pictures yet because we have been pretty busy. Bryce started school on the 21st of September and is doing pretty good. He has 4 classes. American Sign Language (harder then he thought but is doing good), First Aide(probably his easiest) and Biology and Biology Lab (this is his hardest). Biology is kicking his butt. He has a hard time with the way the teacher is teaching. He already thinks he is going to have to take it over again. I have been trying to be encouraging but it not helping like I thought it would.

I haven't been working full time. The schedule that I first had at KinderCare wasn't working plus we don't qualify for day care assistance because Bryce is not working. He is going to school but he is not in a program(yet) that he can get a job right away. The state doesn't count school if you are just getting your associates. You have to be in something that will get you a job right away, and get a degree in something than generals. So until Bryce gets a job, we don't get state aid. Plus KinderCare is not paying me has much I thought it would. I found a call center job that will pay me $.75 more. I have applied to a lot more places, one a dental assistant job that I really would like. I went to WorkSource and applied for it but they didn't give me a number to follow up with, just the dentists name. So I need to find the place hopefully.

Anyway, the kids are doing great. Zoey loves her new house. Anytime we come back home from the store or anything, Zoey says something about her "New" house. She loves having her big girl room and big girl bed. We took Bryce's old bed that his parents had in the extra bedroom. She loves it. Ben is getting bigger and I think he is ready for rice cereal. He loves to sit up, makes high pitch noises when he talks, thought he was going to roll over because he liked to roll over to his side and hang out, but he doesn't do that anymore. Gunner came up a couple weeks after we moved. We had to save up a little bit more money to pay for the pet deposit. He had to have eye surgery again. He had cherry eye(which is when is tear gland swells up and comes out of place). So he had the white collar on to keep him from itching his eye. He likes the new house I think but he can't go up or down the stairs. They are pretty steep but he is kind of a wimp. We have lots of stray kitties that he has run into but they are not intimidated by him at all. It's funny to watch him try to be tough.

Anyway, I will post pictures of the new house and of the kids when I get them. Hope everyone is doing great!!