The Many Sleeping Positions of Ben

Starting at the top: Oct 2010: he is in his monkey costume for Halloween and zonked out on his bedroom floor before I could change him. Dec 2010: In a phase of having to be naked. 1st-no bottoms on(if you can see his diaper off and to the side behind him along with his pj bottoms, 2nd, his shirt is off but down around his belly. He just put his arms through the neck and pushed the rest down. Jan 2011: Just cute and funny! April 2011: He loved sticking whatever he could out of the crib. Sept 2011: fell asleep on Daddy then had to change positions. Nov 2011: Didn't have enough effort to get all the way in his bed.
Another place we have found him has been on his bedroom floor next to the door and I'm sure we will find more funny positions.  He is just a funny kid.


6 Weeks Left!!!

March 17th, get here sooner