Falling asleep

Ben was falling asleep in his highchair tonight. I knew he was tired but not enough to fall asleep while still eating. Had to get a video of him of course. Here it is:


First Haircut!!

Ben got his first haircut after his birthday cake. It was a bittersweet moment. He didn't cry which I though he would because he is not a fan of the vacuum or the hair blow dryer. He just crawls away as fast as he can. He did good. He sat between Bryce's legs as I did it. Here are before and after pictures. His hair does not stick out. I just did it like this so you can see how long his hair is.


It has been a birthday week (or more), Zoey turned 4 on May 25th and Ben just turned 1 on June 6th. Crazy!! Here are pictures of the celebrations-mainly the cakes!!!

Zoey wanted a Princess Tiana cake with the barbie doll in it but when I tried making it, it broke 3 hours before we were to have it, so I did not have time to make it again. I felt bad, but Zoey was very good about not having that cake so she picked out this very chocolaty cake at the store. She still got to help decorate it and put tons of pink M&Ms on the bottom all around.

Here are Ben birthday pictures.
Before it was destroyed

After he had his fun with it. He started to swing his hands back and forth sending cake everywhere.

These are blurry because he would not sit still and my camera is to sensitive, but he was very messy.

And here you can see how messy he got. He thought it was fun to lay in the tub naked with no water. I had to get pictures in before cleaning him off.

Here is a video of Zoey's birthday and then 2 of Ben enjoying his cake. Let me know if there is any problem viewing the videos. Again they are through YouTube.

Zoeys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RMBo_X_X88
Bens: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vr3eALcOfPs