Zeke Bradley Harmon

I am a horrible blogger. So here is to try and catching up...Zeke's birth story

Our newest addition has made his appearance. Zeke Bradley Harmon came to us early morning on March 23rd. He was 6 days late. Not fun at all for me.  I was miserable to say the least but he came at a great time. Bryce's grandparents from Utah were up visiting the weekend Zeke decided to come.. I was very grateful they were able to see this little boy and love on him.  They saw us before and joked around about hoping they would get to see a baby before they left. They were only in town for 3 days. Long trip for a short time.
Anyway, my due date was St. Patrick's day, March 17th. And it passed. Zoey was 2 days late, Ben was 3 days late so I figured 4 days, right? No. 6 days!!! In my head I was telling myself that when he does decide to come that it will be fast. I don't have very long labors. In fact I was scared I was not going to get my epidural this time around. I was pushing the limit.  I had my membranes stripped 4 times in the last month of this pregnancy, with the last one happening the day before around 10am, Thursday the 22nd. That was my last Doctor's appt and both the doc and I didn't think I would be there sitting in the room. Or at least I had really really wished I would not. We had discussed an induction possibly for Saturday if I had made it to this appointment so it was schedule for me to come in Saturday at 7am. I told my mom and she was planning on leaving Friday around noon with my brother and his wife so she could be here for the induction, since I was convinced he was going to have to be forced out.

Anyway, here goes the story. After the doctor stripped my membranes, she checked me and I was 4 cm dilated and she said my cervix was practically dissolving in her fingertips. Every time I was checked the last month, that's what they told me. Very, very soft cervix. I had nothing the rest of the day. Bryce and I had planned on taking the kids swimming and for me to help progress labor, plus it felt soooo good floating in the pool with all the weight off, but we couldn't go, the pool was full. The night around 9 or 10, I started to have contractions.They were 4 minutes apart but they only lasted about 30 minutes. I fell asleep but woke up around midnight with the contractions again. I grabbed my phone and started to time them. They started off 6 minutes, then after only 2 contractions, they went to 4 and were consistent lasting 1 min each progressively getting worse. I told myself to time them for 1 hour to make sure they were consistent enough they wouldn't send me home. I debating whether I should get up and walk around but I was too tired and they weren't slowing down. If they had, I would have gotten up. Anyway, after the 1 hour, now about 1:30ish, I decided I should go to the hospital. I did not have a bag ready for me so we hurried and got stuff packed. I had Zeke's clothes and stuff for him set aside so I just had to grab that. When I woke up Bryce, I knew this was going to be a long night. Bryce's mom was sleeping in the family room since her parents were in her room, so we let her know we were leaving. I was starting to get worried because they were hurting  and they seemed closer. We got to the hospital and in a little assessment room. I remember looking at the clock and seeing it was 2:15. My nurse there was named Shantel. Spelled the same way as mine. And she was great. I was dilated to a 6 when we got to the hospital. AHHH. I think I was there for about 45 minutes then taken in my room. They called for the epidural and checked me again. I was at a 7. The epidural came finally and the anesthesiologist gave me the highest dose to get me started since I was at a 7. My nurse in that room was awesome to but I don't remember her name. Oh, that nurse was pregnant along with Shantel and she said that out of all the nurses there, there was only a few that were NOT pregnant.  Kind of funny. Anyway, they called the on-call doctor, so she was on her way in. Zeke's heart rate was fluctuating with the contractions but were better when I layed on my left side. They had to watch it since it kept dropping/fluctuating. Now I think the nurse checked me again after the epidural and I was at an 8, again, dissolving cervix. The doctor came in, not the one I had been seeing regularly. She was awesome also. She had told me that all the other babies she had delivered (I'm assuming that day or 2 days) were all giving her troubles. They all had been wrapped in their cords and tangled in it and the wire from the internal fetal monitor. Not anything too bad and too concerning, just that she had to untangle every one of them. My water had not popped yet so they decided to pop it. She tried but thought that maybe it had before. Not a lot came out but they had popped it. I think I was at a 9 at this point. The doctor was not really liking the baby's heart rate so she decided to have me start pushing. I don't think I was quite at a 10 when she did because of his heart rate. Either way, I was fine and ready to push him out.

 I only pushed for 7 minutes I think before he made his appearance at 6:01am. I was only in labor, from start to finish for about 6 hours. Shortest out of all. When he came out, all the water came out behind him and the nurses and Bryce said it was disgusting. He had popped and was swimming in it. The doctor said he must have been it for a while. The nurse, who I can't remember her name, described it has green pea soup. All I know is that it was disgusting and he was acting as a plug for it all. That's way not a lot came out when they popped the bag.  Plus he had the cord wrapped around  his chest. They also put an internal monitor on him so he was tangled in that and his cord. It took the doctor a minute or 2 to unravel him. He decided to give her trouble just like all the other babies she had delivered recently.  So he had popped, and all the nurses were working on him but he was crying which was a good sign.  They suctioned the poor little guy a lot. Most of the poop was actually in his stomach. He swallowed more then breathed in. The first hour he was out, they kept checking on his breathing. He sounded troubled for a while but he got it all worked out. No problems with his breathing.

I was anxious to hear his weight. I gained more weight with him out of all 3 of them and really thought, no feared, he would be bigger then Ben who was 7lbs 14oz 20.5 inches. I was scared he was going to be more than 8 lbs and even more since he was almost 1 week overdue. Surprisingly he was not. He came out at 7 lbs 8 oz and 20 inches.  And HAIR!!!!! He has hair!! The other 2 did not. Especially Ben. I could not get over the fact that he has hair and has quite a bit. A ton compared to Ben. I was so shocked but just fell in love with him of course.  He was and still his so sweet.

Since it was just past 6am, I had to call my mom. They still couldn't leave until noon since my sister in law Brittany, was teaching and that was the soonest she could get off. But they came straight to the hospital when they got to town which was around midnight. They couldn't get over his hair either, which by the way, Bryce said it was red. I could not see the red. It looked brown to me the whole time we were in the hospital until we got home and in more sunlight. Then I could see the red. 

Zoey didn't get out of school until 3:15 and she was excited when she saw him.  Ben saw him when Grandparents came to visit. So glad Great-Grandma and Grandpa Harvey were able to see Zeke before they left on Sunday.  Even Abby, my niece was excited to see him. Everyone was because he was so late.

When Zeke had his blood drawn, we found out he had jaundice. Probably because he swallowed his poop. The poor little guy had to have his feet pricked 5 times in the first 3 days of life. Neither Ben or Zoey had it jaundice so the doctors didn't seem to worried since it didn't run in the family, I guess. We left the hospital and came home on Saturday and had to return for the last prick of blood to check for jaundice on Sunday, which the levels were down and has had to no issues with the swallowing of poop. Each of our kids have had something interesting happen with their birth. Zoey came out like a dolphin (Bryce's description), Ben was facing up instead of down making him harder to push out, and now Zeke, tangled in cords and swallowed poop. Crazy kids.

My postpartum nurse, Shannon, was the best nurse! She was so cool and very understanding. When it came time for us to go home, she said there was another mom that asked to leave before me but she was going to get my paperwork and me out before her because I had my 3rd, she had her 1st. It was going to be faster doing my paperwork and getting me out the door before her. There would be more questions with a 1st time parent than a 3rd time parent. I really appreciated that, sooooo very much because I REALLY wanted to go home.  I also had a student nurse helping out. It was guy which was a little weird but I feel that you are not going to get experience if you have patients who don't understand. I think I was the only one who let him do anything because he came around a lot. But he was super nice and fun to talk to and if I was in his situation, I would be very appreciative, especially working in the maternity ward as a guy. I didn't mind, as so people would.

Anyway, I was so very glad to get home. The bed was so uncomfortable and I could not sleep very good at all.  I was so happy great Gpa and Gma Harvey got to love on Zeke before they left. We are not sure when we will see they again
I had decided that I was going to give nursing another try. I have been unsuccessful with Zoey and Ben that I was determined that would give it a try and it has worked. It has been going fantastic and a new adventure. I will say its not my favorite thing to do. I've had my ups and downs with it and trying to figure it all out but I think I have it now after 2 months.

When Zeke came out, he was grunting a lot And he still does. Its pretty cute.  We are very happy he is finally here. Both Ben and Zoey love him and ask to hold he all the time.