Zoey's Quotes

Zoey has many funny things that she says and I thought I would share a few of my favorite ones that she says almost everyday.

(growling) "I make noises mommy" (continues to growl)

When I try to help her, "No Mommy stop it" or "No Zoey do it"

"ABCDEFG (long G), HIJKLMNOP (long P) QRSTUVWXYZ(long Z), Now I know my ABC(long C) Next time you sing with me (long me)" This varies. She will add mommy, or daddy or anybody that she sees a pictures of to the parts where she continutes the letter.

Mom: Do you want to say bye bye to Starla?
Zoey: No like it say bye bye to Starla!
A simple no would have worked but.......

After eating a chocolate chip cookie, I looked at her I said "Oh my goodness you have a messy face", So a few minutes later I heard, "Oh my goodness have messy face" Really cute.

"I so silly Mommy"

"Oh my goodness" and "Oh my gosh" over and over again

"I sad mommy"

Zoey: "I peed"
Mommy: "You peed?!"
Zoey: "Yeah. (as she is running down the hall to the bathroom) Go potty, make pee come out, get m's-n-m's"

Sometime's when I ask her if she got me something that I asked for earlier, I will get "oh... yeah"

There are tons more that she says, these are just a few of what I get everyday. She repeats a lot of stuff that I say and it's always funny to hear it coming from her.


Zoey singing...or least trying to get her to

You can see what a goof she is. She is like this majority of the day.

A few of Gunner's sweet, calm moments

As I walked by Gunner's crate tonight, I saw him like this and had to get a couple of pictures of him.
Yes, his lip is on the crate door, showing me his teeth. Grrr.

If you notice that he has a blanket on him. It's white so its a little hard to see in the picture, but he manage to get underneath it and lay like that. Look at those big ears!! He is so cute but so crazy. I can't wait till he is out of his puppy stage.

Zoey's Books

Zoey loves books. I mean she loves them. Most her playing time is reading books. We have read everyone enough that she has almost every single one memorized to the point that sometimes when I try to read books with her she does it with me. My favorite one to read with her is "Moo, Baa, La la la" by Sandra Bouyton. If you have read the book, it has pigs singing "la la la" so she thought that thats what pigs said. If you asked her what pigs say she would have told you "la la la". She now knows, after a long time of trying to convince her, that pigs say "oink". Anyway, the picture below is of almost ALL of her books on her bed. She does this every time she wakes up in the morning or for nap. There is a load of books laying on her bed. She gets not just one or two, she gets almost ALL of the books that belong to her. It's pretty funny and shows her love of books. And I say almost all becasue there really is only maybe 5 or 6 books missing in that collection. You can't see the 7 books hiding under the blanket that I found after I started to get them off and put them away. She is so funny. So if you ever want to get her something, get her a book. She will love it.


The many faces of Zoey

I can get the best pictures of her when she is eating. She is a goof at the dinner table.


Poor Bryce and Funny Zoey

Today we went to the doctors for Bryce. Since Saturday he has be complaining of his right ear hurting and feeling like it plugged. The doctor said that he has a middle and ear canal infection like swimmer's ear in his right ear. I used to get swimmer's ear all the time and had to put in this purple dye medicine. It wasn't fun. While we were waiting in the room, Bryce was telling me that his ear hurt more than yesterday and explaining what it was feeling like, then Zoey turns to me and says "My ear hurt too" along with a sad face. It was really cute and funny at the same time. I think she was trying to be sympathetic for Daddy. Bryce then proceeded to say that his knee hurt and Zoey was convinced that her knee hurt too because she was "running and fall" on it. It was really funny. She is such a copy cat. Bryce got 3 prescriptions for his ear. Vicodin for the pain, amoxicillian for the middle ear infection and drops for the ear canal infection. He will be pretty drowsy from the vicodin. Gotta take care of my poor sick hubby!!!


Zoey's songs

Zoey loves to sing her ABC's all day long. And its not very quite. This morning had a different take on it. "ABCDEFG Mom, HIJKLMNOP Mom, QRSTUVWXYZ Zoey". She knows them so wel I am very proud of her. I try to get her to sing them for the camera but she ends up wanting to instead of doing it. Another on of her favorite songs she sings alot is "Wishing Well" from Snow White. If your'e not sure which one that is, it is at the very begining of the movie and the words that she sings in when Snow White actually sings into the wishing well and it echoes back to her. If I can find it, or have Zoey sing it for me I will definetly post it. SHe hasn't been cooperative when it comes to videos or pictures lately. Some how I will get something to share with all of you.



So I didn't get the externship at Dental Designs like I thought I would. But that's okay because there are still plenty of options everywhere. I just hope I can start going ASAP. I would love to start this week but we will just have to wait and see.

Poor Zoey had to get a shot on Monday and was running a fever along with headache and her leg hurt where the shot was. She was very dramatic and clingy wanting me to hold her all the time yesterday. She took a good nap and was better for dad in the afternoon, but when I got home, she got all dramatic again. She does this quite often where she is difficult in the morning with me and then fine for dad in the afternoon until I get home. Goof.

We had a very fun 4th of July weekend. We went to Albany OR to visit Bryce and Courtney or Corty as Zoey called her. Zoey had lots of fun. Their bosses, I guess you could call them, finished their pool so we were able to go swimming. Zoey was freezing but refused to get out. She loves to go swimming. Eventually she got out and walked around the pool with Gunner. Gunner had lots of fun playing with Banjo. They ran around the house playing forever until Banjo got tired and was running away from Gunner who was still going 100%. He has tons of energy which is expected from a 3 1/2 month old puppy. He almost got eaten by german shepard. Their bosses have 2 german shephards and chocolate lab. When my Bryce went to take him out for potty, the german shepards pushed on the gate where there kennel was and was able to push it open. Bryce yanked Gunner up to him, (surprisingly, he didn't get hurt) and then turned his back waiting for the dogs to jump on him. Instead they ran after Bandit, Bryce and Courtney's other pug, and were picking on him. Bryce yelled at the dogs which scared them. One went running into the forest and the other went back into the kennel. Bryce was surprised he scared them. Bandit was okay as well as Gunner. Funny but a little scary.

Hope all is well for all you guys. Hope you had a fun weekend. Hope to hear from you!!!


Potty Training

I am happy to say that Zoey is close to 100% potty trained. I am very surprised how fast she has caught on to going potty. She is such a big girl. I am very proud of her. Way to go Zoey!!!