Poor Bryce and Funny Zoey

Today we went to the doctors for Bryce. Since Saturday he has be complaining of his right ear hurting and feeling like it plugged. The doctor said that he has a middle and ear canal infection like swimmer's ear in his right ear. I used to get swimmer's ear all the time and had to put in this purple dye medicine. It wasn't fun. While we were waiting in the room, Bryce was telling me that his ear hurt more than yesterday and explaining what it was feeling like, then Zoey turns to me and says "My ear hurt too" along with a sad face. It was really cute and funny at the same time. I think she was trying to be sympathetic for Daddy. Bryce then proceeded to say that his knee hurt and Zoey was convinced that her knee hurt too because she was "running and fall" on it. It was really funny. She is such a copy cat. Bryce got 3 prescriptions for his ear. Vicodin for the pain, amoxicillian for the middle ear infection and drops for the ear canal infection. He will be pretty drowsy from the vicodin. Gotta take care of my poor sick hubby!!!

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