Zoey's Quotes

Zoey has many funny things that she says and I thought I would share a few of my favorite ones that she says almost everyday.

(growling) "I make noises mommy" (continues to growl)

When I try to help her, "No Mommy stop it" or "No Zoey do it"

"ABCDEFG (long G), HIJKLMNOP (long P) QRSTUVWXYZ(long Z), Now I know my ABC(long C) Next time you sing with me (long me)" This varies. She will add mommy, or daddy or anybody that she sees a pictures of to the parts where she continutes the letter.

Mom: Do you want to say bye bye to Starla?
Zoey: No like it say bye bye to Starla!
A simple no would have worked but.......

After eating a chocolate chip cookie, I looked at her I said "Oh my goodness you have a messy face", So a few minutes later I heard, "Oh my goodness have messy face" Really cute.

"I so silly Mommy"

"Oh my goodness" and "Oh my gosh" over and over again

"I sad mommy"

Zoey: "I peed"
Mommy: "You peed?!"
Zoey: "Yeah. (as she is running down the hall to the bathroom) Go potty, make pee come out, get m's-n-m's"

Sometime's when I ask her if she got me something that I asked for earlier, I will get "oh... yeah"

There are tons more that she says, these are just a few of what I get everyday. She repeats a lot of stuff that I say and it's always funny to hear it coming from her.

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