So I didn't get the externship at Dental Designs like I thought I would. But that's okay because there are still plenty of options everywhere. I just hope I can start going ASAP. I would love to start this week but we will just have to wait and see.

Poor Zoey had to get a shot on Monday and was running a fever along with headache and her leg hurt where the shot was. She was very dramatic and clingy wanting me to hold her all the time yesterday. She took a good nap and was better for dad in the afternoon, but when I got home, she got all dramatic again. She does this quite often where she is difficult in the morning with me and then fine for dad in the afternoon until I get home. Goof.

We had a very fun 4th of July weekend. We went to Albany OR to visit Bryce and Courtney or Corty as Zoey called her. Zoey had lots of fun. Their bosses, I guess you could call them, finished their pool so we were able to go swimming. Zoey was freezing but refused to get out. She loves to go swimming. Eventually she got out and walked around the pool with Gunner. Gunner had lots of fun playing with Banjo. They ran around the house playing forever until Banjo got tired and was running away from Gunner who was still going 100%. He has tons of energy which is expected from a 3 1/2 month old puppy. He almost got eaten by german shepard. Their bosses have 2 german shephards and chocolate lab. When my Bryce went to take him out for potty, the german shepards pushed on the gate where there kennel was and was able to push it open. Bryce yanked Gunner up to him, (surprisingly, he didn't get hurt) and then turned his back waiting for the dogs to jump on him. Instead they ran after Bandit, Bryce and Courtney's other pug, and were picking on him. Bryce yelled at the dogs which scared them. One went running into the forest and the other went back into the kennel. Bryce was surprised he scared them. Bandit was okay as well as Gunner. Funny but a little scary.

Hope all is well for all you guys. Hope you had a fun weekend. Hope to hear from you!!!

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