Pictures of Christmas!!!

I know it has been a very long time since I posted anything. But here are some pictures of Christmas. I figured this would be the best way for everyone to see if they wanted. At the end, I always get the kids present, everything they got, put them together and take a pictures with the kids in it. I don't have Ben's yet because he was sleeping at the time, but I will have it. We had Christmas with 16 people total, 7 of which were kids under the age of 8 years. There was A LOT of presents, but was a FANTASTIC Christmas. Enjoy!!

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*Shan said...

Ben's pajama bottoms crack me up....I remember them being so long he was tripping over them and there is one photo in this group that shows them hanging over his toes even though he is sitting down and they LOOK like slipper footed jammies. So funny! Those pillow pets were a big hit! My kids still take their's with them all the time.