Skene Family Visit

My family came and visited this last week and we had so much fun. I was able toget one day off of work to spend with them. The first day they were here, we first went out to eat and then played at the park near us. Starla got a little sunburned. We finally had some nice continuos weather. It was a little hot but nice and they enjoyed it lots more because they still have some snow in Idaho. We also went swimming at our gym. Emma wasn't quite sure about the water. She was definetly not comfortablel like Zoey. Zoey was quite the little daredevil. She loves to play in the water. Grandpa had lots of fun with Zoey at the pool. We went down the slide a few times. Both of the girls liked it even if they were freezing and shaking. Zoey really liked jumping or falling into the water and Grandpa catching her. The next day we just hung out at my house. I had to go to work for a while but when I got home we went to Chuck E Cheese and played some games. We tried to celebrate Emma's and Zoey's birthdya but the girls were more interested in playing the games. Saturday I had school all day so my parents decided to go to Cannon Beach. Bryce stayed home becasue he wasn't feeling good but they took Zoey with them. They had lots of fun. I wish I could have gone. They got lots of pictures and videos of the girls. My mom is going to send them to me so I will post them as soon as I get them.
We had lots of fun with them visiting. They said they plan on coming back to visit lots more. They really enjoyed the beach and seeing Zoey. She has such a goofy personality. We will miss them and hope to see them very soon.

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Starla said...

We had so much fun! Thanks for letting us stay at your house, we hope to see you guys soon!