Zoey's Birthday

Well, Zoey turned 2 on May 25th. I can't believe that she is 2. It's been hard for me to think that she is 2 now. She is growing up way to fast. I was ok and excited for her to turn 1 but turning 2 has been harder to believe. We had a little get together at our house with friends and family for her birthday. Bryce and Courtney came up from Albany OR and brought thier 2 pugs, Bandit and Banjo. Zoey had fun playing with them as well as them playing with her. Banjo followed her around all the time. Marshawn and Morigean came over and brought thier dog Roxy, and then Carolyn came back the night before the party and brought our new little puppy Gunner, who is absolutly adorable. So we had 4 dogs the night. Bryce and Courtney were so nice and were willing to put thier dogs in thier crate for the night so it wasn't crazy. Thank you guys!! Anyway, Zoey had so much fun playing with all the dogs and then opening up all her presents. Here are the pictures we took of the party.
Birthday Cake and all
The Little Toot from Bryce and Courtney
Princess Phone from Marshawn
Disney Book with lots of stories (Very heavy book) From Bryce and Courtney
Eating her cake
The Very Hungry Caterpiller from Bryce and Courtney
All the books from Bryce and Courtney
All of her presents(Baby doll from Grandma and Grandpa, Clothes, PJs, and bath toy holder from Mom and Dad, Books from Bryce and Courtney, and Princess phone from Marshawn)

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Jessica Marie said...

How fun Shantel! Your dog is ADORABLE! I can't believe how much older Zoey looks...like she's starting to loose quite a bit of that good ol' baby fat. Crazy! Hope school and everything else are going well for you!