Zoey went potty!!!!!!!!!

Yes she did!!!! I am very proud of her today. We took a bath and usually after baths she runs around naked for a little bit. She peed on the floor a little bit, came and told me so we went to the potty to she if she would go and SHE DID. I was shouting and so excited when I started to hear it. I gave her 2 M & M's (she gets one every time she sits on the potty). I was so excited for her, and she was too. We came running out to tell Grandma Harmon who was talking to Aunt Danette on the phone and then we called Grandma Skene and she was excited for her. Zoey didn't want to talk on the phone because she was busy playing with blocks. I am a very proud mother today. Way to go ZOEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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