I have graduated from dental assistant school. YEAH!!! Graduation was at 2:00 on saturday. All I have to do now is 52 hours of externship at a dentist's office. I have did 8 hours done at the dentist office the school is ran out of and it was fun. I didn't do anything except clean a room but I was at least able to see the basic how to's in a dentist office. Just watching everything was a learning experience. I went out today to see if I could get my externship going and already have a possibility of starting. The place is called Dental Designs with Dr. Heppler. I have heard from someone in my ward that the Dr. is in our ward. I thought the name sounded familiar. I didn't met him yet so I am not sure who he is. But hopefully I can start this week or next. I am excited. I am almost done!!! I have pictures of graduation being sent to me through email so when I get them I will post them for you all to see. We are suppose to have it outside but it was like 100 degrees outside that day. I could not cool off at all. It's 10 times worse with the humidity. Not fun. 80 degrees here is like 100 degrees in Idaho.

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Jessica Marie said...

Yay! I'm excited for you Shantel...good job! That was a lot of hard work, I'm sure! I'll give you a call sometime this week. I have the nastiest allergies though, so don't freak out if you don't recognize me.