Possible job already!!!!!!!!!!

So I am almost done with school. I can't believe that it has gone as fast as it did. I am really excited to have my saturdays back. Last saturday, not yesterday, the director of the school offered me an interview for the dental hygenist assistant postion at the dental office where the school is at. His son owns and runs the dental office as well as the school with the help of his dad. I was not expecting that at all and very happy that they are impressed with me enough to come to me. I have an interview set up this coming thursday so I will let you know how it goes. I still need to get my externship going which is 60 hours and needs to be completed before I can take the certification test and start working. I plan on finding one this week and hopefully start ASAP. I don't know how I am going to manage it while working part time and have the dog and Zoey and Bryce to look after and cook dinner for, but I know it will work out somehow. It will be tough but I'll get use to it. Wish me luck!!

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