Falling off

First time: I decided that Zoey and I were going to fall asleep to a movie sunday night in mom's bed. She took longer than I thought to fall asleep considering that she had no nap for that day because of church. So when she finally did, I had made sure that she was by the wall and not the egde becasue I didn't want her to fall off the bed. I woke up one time becasue I felt her head down by my feet. Carefully I moved her back up and then fell back asleep. Next thing I know, I hear a thud and crying. She somehow moved her way over me and fell off the bed. I didn't know what had happened for a split second because I was woken up by the thud.
Second Time: It happened at 2:00 am when I heard Zoey crying. I waited for while to see if she would fall asleep, not thinking she was off her bed. Then I got the point that I knew she wasn't going to fall back asleep and I needed to go in there. As I walked in she was half off her bed, hands on the floor to support herself with butt up in the air and feet on her bed. As soon as she knew I was in there she started to say "Help, Help". I couldn't help but laugh and wonder how she could have fallen out unless she fell asleep the opposite side of the railings in her toddler bed. She is crazy sleeper.

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