Carving the pumpkin

I would have put this on along with the pumpkin patch post but our internet works every so often. Anyway, Zoey had lots of fun carving the pumpkin. Bryce cut the lid for us and helped us get a lot of the seeds and gooey stuff out then he cooked dutch oven cherry cobbler. We have had the makings for a few days and thought it would be a perfect night to cook it.

I explained to Zoey that we were going to cook the seeds and eat them later. Well, she didn't get all of that so she ate a few of them straight from the pumpkin. Gross!!! She had fun stirring the seeds as mom and dad got all the stuff out.

Once we got the stuff out we picked out a stencil to use for the pumpkin. Zoey liked me putting them on the pumpkin while decided, that that was all she wanted to do until I finally picked one and started to poke out the lines. She loved this. She loved to help me poke holes in the pumpkin. She got mad at me a few times because she wanted to do it all by herself. She watched me as I cut out the eyes then once I got the first eye out, she thought it was time to eat it. I think she was getting a little hungry. She took a bite out of each eye, nose, and mouth piece I cut out. Gross!! She thought it was yummy. Here is 2 pictures of the nose piece I cut out that she took 2 bites out of.
After telling her lots of times to not eat the pumpkin anymore, we finished our 34 pound pumpkin and here is the final product. Zoey had lots of fun with the pumpkin. It was fun to see what she would do with all of it. The Cherry Cobbler turned out great. We had a very fun day.


*Shan said...

So cute! That pumpkin was almost bigger then Zoey. The cherry dutch oven sounded yummy. I LOVED it when Bryce would make that for us. It's good to know that all the scout training really WAS valuable. :)

Jessica Marie said...

Haha...Zoey's funny! thats so gross though...:) Christmas is almost here! I've got my tree up already...I know...it's waaayyy too early! But we're finally in a house, and we have the room! I just couldn't wait! SOOO excited to see you guys!

Mike and Penny Jenkins said...

Shantel and family. I checked out your blog via Angies. Hope you don't mind. Oh my gosh...Zoie is so big! and so cute. It was fun to see her. I enjoyed you blog. I will check it out often just to see what you are up to. Love "aunt" Penny