Halloween time

First of all, sorry for not putting this on sooner. I haven't been feeling well lately. Zoey had lots of fun trick or treating for Halloween. She was a unicorn and wasn't quite sure what to think of wearing it. It was a little tight around her head but Grandma fixed it and she enjoyed it. In fact she likes it and keeps wanting to wear her "halloween" (that's what she calls it).
This was her first actual year that she went out. I had tried to explain to her what we were going to do and she didn't quite get it until we went and did it. She has a 11 year old friend how lives across the street that had a special treat for her. It was a cookie with orange frosting and sprinkles. She thought it was a cupcake at first and then when we got home she said it was a cake. She really liked the sprinkles.
We just went around our little neighborhood and cul de sac. Then came home and ate a few of our goodies. Grandma wanted to visit a firends house who had there garage decorated for little ones Zoey's age. It was cute and of course Zoey was a littel shy when we went but then she loved looked at everything. They had lights down the side of the driveway and a big blown up decoration that had a ghost, witch and something else spinning inside of it. Zoey kept saying it was scary but then she was spinning along with it. Over all, she had a lot of fun trick or treating. Here is one last picture I got of her eating her "nummies". Her favorite thing to eat is suckers.

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