A surprise "visit"...so to speak

I say "visit" because ..well just read along. What is in parenthesis are Zoey's EXACT words she told me.

Today just before lunch, Zoey said that someone was at the door. I had heard nothing but she was convinced someone was there. She stood by the door saying "hello" a few times when she came back and said that "Mr. Krabs" (from Spongebob if you don't know) was here!! She was so excited!! She proceed to tell me that he "come to see me". She went off and played with her baby, got a little distracted and then I asked her if Mr. Krabs was still here. She said "no, he had to finish krabby patties". I am not sure what she really meant by that, but he had to finish them before he came back. She also told me that she ate a krabby patty and I asked her how it was. She said it was "yucky" and some other things that were hard to understood. I told her to tell me when Mr. Krabs came back and that's when I started to write all of this down so that I wouldn't forget and let others know about this surprising visit through the imaginations of my daughter.

While I was writing this all down, she said that he came back and that he was underneath the table. She also told me that "she was showing baby Mr. Krabs" and he "was so excited for me", and then Yogi the old grumpy cat came in and then "Mr. Krabs give Yogi a hug".

There were lots of other stuff that she said, but I couldn't understand her for some of it. It was hilarious. She made all of the stuff up. I had asked her some questions just to she what else was going on in that mind of hers. She is such a goof and more of a bigger fan of Spongebob than I thought she was.

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*Shan said...

Ha! I love it when kids do this and we get a brief glimps into what is going on in their amazing little minds. Our girls are also big fans of the porous yellow square fellow who lives in a pineapple under the sea. I can't say Mr. Krabbs has ever been on our doorstep though. However, the girls do call all hamburgers "Krabby Patties" and refuse to eat them.