Our first Doctor's appt with baby #2

Our first doctor appointment went really good today. Bryce was able to come, which was nice because Zoey was coming no matter what so somebody was there to entertain her. She was actually a really good girl and a big jabber box in the waiting room. She was a goof. Anyway, we were able to hear the heartbeat which was really good. It's always weird to hear that first heartbeat. It really sets in that a living thing is growing inside of you. The doctor asked her if she wanted to hear her baby, so with a concerned look on her face she lifts up her shirt, because she thinks she has a baby inside her belly as well as mommy's. It was cute. I got chewable prenatal vitamins because I cannot swallow those big pills. Some of you, along with my husband, probably think I am a wimp, but I have a hard time swallowing pills so I was glad that I could get chewables.

Our next doctor's appointment is December 18th, just before we leave to go to Idaho. I can't believe that I am already over with the first trimester. I am still a little nauseous, but it is gradually getting better. I have been getting some headaches and plus I have some days where I am just exhausted as soon as I wake up. Anyway, I will update with any new information that I get. Hope all is going well and for those that are pregnant and waiting for your little ones to show up, you are almost there and I wish you all good luck.


Damien said...

glad things are going good so far. is really is so neat to hear that heartbeat for the first time!

Damien and Ashley Smith said...

oh and that comment was from Ashley, I just keep forgetting to sign out of Damien's account! :)

Jessica Marie said...

Yay! You're already done with the first tri? Wow! I guess it just seems fast to me...maybe cause the last 3 weeks have seemed like an eternity! Glad everythings going well!