The first "real" encounter

Bryce's parents have a really old grouchy cat named Yogi. She is a very interesting cat who absolutely loves Bryce's dad, Ken. She usually comes out and is somewhat social when he is gone for days. It's pretty funny. When he comes home she is right by Ken's side and follows him every where he goes. Anyway, we try not to let Gunner out and run around the house by himself because of potty issues and also to avoid any encounters with Yogi because we have found out she hates him. They have met each other and know the presence of each other but usually when they do see each other, there is a baby gate in the way to protect somebody. But today I let him out to run around with me while I got ready for work, hoping that Yogi was sleeping in another room and not out and at first Gunner ran all the way down the hall and stopped to turn to go down the other hall. I was trying to get him to come back to me but he was gone. When he turned, he saw Yogi, what I didn't want to happen. I couldn't see for sure what happened but all I heard was hissing and a lot nails scratching the carpet. So I run down the hall and Gunner is flat on his back, curled up in a ball, scared out of his mind, and Yogi is standing right next to him with all of her hair standing up. I'm pretty sure Yogi won that fight, if it really was a fight. What ever it was, Gunner was scared and it was funny that Yogi scared him. What a wimp.

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