I just so excited!

Zoey is just so excited to go to Grandpa's house for Christmas. She tells me everyday. Today we made a paper link countdown for the day we leave to go to Grandpa's house and for Christmas. She was having so much fun and I found out how much more smarter she is getting. She helped with the pattern and did VERY good. She got the hang of it real quick and did it right. I am amazed at how much she has learned this year. She is a very smart girl.

Also she has been trying to negotiate/manipulate mom and dad lately. This morning Bryce said that he gave her some orange juice and he got a drink of Sprite. So Zoey, all by herself said "Zoey drink her juice all gone and then get some soda, okay, okay". Bryce just had to laugh and then he asked if she wanted a little bit of sprite in her juice and all she said was, "that's a BIG soda daddy, that's a BIG soda". She is so funny and I love her so much. Last night, when I was trying to get her to finish eating her dinner, she turned to me and said, "Hey, listen. I'm sorry". She kept saying it to me. What a goof.


Damien and Ashley Smith said...

She sounds like she has the cutest personality! We just made a paper chain last night for FHE---always a huge hit! :)

matt and marlise said...

o my heck telly i still can't be lieve you're a real mom! and now goona have two babes! yay i'm so happy for you! and i'm glad that you're getting over your nausea! good luck with your pregnancy...and congatulations!
maybe when you're over here in idaho we could get together and have a play date for all our girls! (is starla comin too?) that would be awe-some!! chack out my blog and leave me a comment about it if you wanna...