Stuck in Washington

So, the huge snow storm that has come to Washington/Oregon has dumped a total of 8 to 10 inches in areas, and some area more. Plus freezing rain. So far this storm has been the worst this area has seen in a while. The last snow storm they had was about 5 years ago and everything was shut down. Last night, we had some friends over, and one of our friend's spouses and baby was stuck in Chicago, trying to figure out a way to get home from New Hampshire because Portland airport had been shut down. Both Alaska airlines and Southwest (the major company that flies through Portland) canceled all flights last night. Last we heard is that anybody that wants to fly in or out might have to wait until Christmas day, all because of the storm. We have plows here but not dirt or salt trucks to help with the slick roads so it is slick everywhere.

We are suppose to have maybe just Sacrament for church today because of a Christmas program but because of slick roads, they might cancel again for the 2nd week in a row. Last week was canceled because of slick roads. This week is worse than last week. We got about a quarter of an inch of freezing rain. So on top of the slick snow, we have slicker ice due to the freezing rain. It's just insane up here. I can't believe how bad this storm is.

In addition to the slick roads, from here to Boise ID, the roads are terrible. They have closed a portion of I-84, due to lack of visibility so we cannot get out of Oregon and into Idaho. Last night is when they closed it and it continues to stay close now. There were a few people stuck on the highway that had been there for a few hours. We have been planning on going to my parents house for Christmas but that has changed. We are going to stay here in Washington. Our main concern about driving was going through the passes and into the mountains but the news has said if you do plan on it, go in a truck(which we don't have), have chains on( haven't got those yet), and pack an emergency kit for about a day(that's just scary and I don't want to be stuck in the car for a day or more!!). Just after the passes, in Ontario(just before the Idaho border) has posted winter storm warnings. They are expecting to get 12 inches of snow followed by freezing rain. So I think the storm is moving into Idaho and Utah. Good luck if you live in the path of the storm. It might not be has bad as what we had up here, but it hot us hard. Plus it doesn't help that the Vancouver/Portland area and outside do not have the right equipment to handle this kind of weather.

So, unfortunately, we don't get to spend Christmas in Idaho with my family. The weather is just to bad for driving. I was really excited for Zoey to go to Grandpa's house because she was so excited but I am not excited about driving there. I would rather not risk everything this year in the weather. It's just to scary out there. We are excited to have a few of Bryce's high school friends and their families here. They got lucky and missed the storm on their way up. So to all of those we were hoping to see, it is going to be a while until we make it up there. We are thinking it might not be until Luke's mission farewell, around March. The weather should be better then.

I do hope everyone is being safe. We sure are going to be inside longer then we probably want. I have a few videos I would love to share but have yet to figure out how to get them on my computer. Once I do, I will share.

Have a very safe and Merry Christmas!!

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*Shan said...

I'm SOOOO sorry you don't get to go to your family's home. I know it was something you were all really looking forward to. The weather can certainly be a drag at times. We are getting hit pretty hard as well. We got 16 inches during the past 2 days. It's crazy outside but the kids love it. I hate driving in it, but they do a good job dealing with the roads out here. The best I can figure is that at least some people are employed because of it. That's a good thing. Anyway, I'm sure mom is thrilled that you are all sticking around. Nothing beats a little one in the house for the holidays. Have fun! Wish we were there too!