It's snowing in Washington!!

We have had winter storms a lot this week, and have had enough snow to cover the ground. The picture above was snow from yesterday. Most of that snow melted. Today it started out raining and then next thing we notice is more snow falling. It was a little bit more than yesterday plus it was heavy wet snow. I didn't get a picture of the snow on my car but I had to scrap almost an inch of snow off my car this morning. The roads out in town are wet and in alot of areas the snow has turned to slush but as the day goes on a lot of it is going to melt. Hope fully this is the last of the snowfall, I am hoping for 2 weeks. That will give us plenty of time to drive to Idaho and back fo Christmas. So far I am not looking forward to the drive. The news channel has said that the higher the elevation, the more snow and we get to drive through the mountains to go to Idaho. I really am hoping that it won't be to terrible of a drive.

Zoey has been so excited about the snow. We went out to play in it this afternoon and she didn't want to come back in. I got about a 10min video, with my new camera, also a early christmas present, but I have not figured out how to get the videos on my computer. I can get the pictures but not the videos. Hopefully I will figure it out soon. Zoey LOVES to watch herself doing a video. It's a small camcorder and you can flip the screen around so people can see themselves and my child LOVES it. I have a video of her just doing silly things becasue she can see herself doing them. It's funny.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season. We are with our little surprise of snow. Zoey will have plenty more to play with at Grandpa's house. Merry Christmas to all.

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Chelsea Haight said...

Yeah for snow! We have had several snow storms, and Patrick is a little interested in looking at it, but he isn't quite old enough to play in it yet. We hope you have fun in Idaho for Christmas. It sounds like you will have a lot of fun with everyone around for Christmas morning, especially all the kids. I am a little jealous. We will have six adult and Patrick, so Christmas will be fun, but not exciting like it is with little kids.