So Bryce and I went out and saw Twilight yesterday and it was a good movie. We didn't go to the really nice theater out here called Cinetopia, which if you do ever come to Vancouver you have to see a good movie on the living room theater. It is awesome. We saw IronMan in that particular room and it was amazing and I would have to say that it made it one of my top movies becasue of the cool surround sound. It's a really fun theater. It is expensive but it is almost worth it for the living room theater. You can order food and drinks, separate from buying tickets, that come from the restaurant Vinetopia found only in Cinetopia. If curious, visit www.cinetopia.com.

Anyway, back to Twilight. Bryce and I really enjoyed it, except for all the stupid screaming girls when Edward came into the picture. He is good looking but for Pete's sake, you know his is in the movie and that he is suppose to be drop dead gorgeous and I'm pretty sure you have seen pictures and videos of the actor before seeing the movie but do you really have to scream and get over excited about actually seeing him in the movie? It was a little annoying and hard to watch when everyone in the theater was like that. Bryce thought it was hard to enjoyed because of the stupid people, mainly girls, screaming. Other then that, it was a good movie. We got to the theater later then we should have because we had to sit in the very front row, closest to the screen. I had a hard time following things because it was so close. We waited for the credits to be over but I was feeling really nauseous and ended up throwing up outside, before going home. Not fun but it didn't really ruin anything. Anyway, Bryce and I had a really good night. We haven't been out on a date for a while because of lack of extra cash and also the last month of me being sick all day long, so it was needed. Now I just need to finish reading the last 2 books.

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