My child's imagination

Before getting ready for church this morning, Zoey was singing a song that I did not recognize. Most of the time she sings church songs like I Am A Child of God, Once there was a snowman, or it will be a mix between Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Itsy Bitsy Spider. She LOVES to sing on her own. But this song had no words. It was more of do-do's in different tones. So I asked her what song she was singing. She told me it was Squidward's song. If you are not familiar with that name, it is on Spongebob. She likes to pretend she is eating Spongebob and Patrick or someone else from Spongebob. She will tell me sometimes that I am eating Spongebob or we will have visits from Mr. Krabs. She's a goof and loves Spongebob. But, yesterday, while doing Zoey's hair, I put barrets in her hair and she told me that they were Shrek and Fiona. Not sure where she got that one since most of the time it is Spongebob and Patrick.

Zoey has been talking a lot about her cousin Emma coming to our house. She talks about what her and Emma will do when she is here or just what Emma will like to do, like "I tink Emma likes to ride on my horse" or "I tink Emma will like to......" ending in whatever she is doing at the moment. We have told her that she will see Emma when Baby Ben comes and when its her birthday. So she will tell me that often. She is getting excited for her birthday. I am not sure she really understand what is going to happen for her birthday but she talks about how she is "2 on my happy birf-day". I correct her and tell her she is 2 now and will be 3 on her birthday so she says "oh, yeah, I will be free on my happy birf-day" while holding 3 fingers up to show me.

She is such a goof and I laugh everyday because of something that she tells me. She is so silly and she knows it.

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