A new word

Yesterday when I came home from lunch, I was waiting in the kitchen for my pasta to cook when Zoey came in and had a very sad, no tears, yet annoying look on her face. This was our conversation:

Mom: Why are you sad, Zoey?
Zoey: I'm just not sad.
Mom: OK(not sure what to say really). What's wrong then?
Zoey: I'm...(pause) just not sad.
Mom: Honey, what's wrong?
Zoey: (Still with a sad look on her face, looking down at the floor and now leaning on the dog food container) I'm...just....embarrassed.
Mom: (laughing now) you're embarrassed?
Zoey: Yeah
Mom: Why are you embarrassed? What happened?
Zoey: I'm just......(as she walks back out of the kitchen, still with the same sad, but embarrassed face)

I didn't know that she knew the word embarrassed. But evidently she was embarrassed that afternoon.

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Jessica Marie said...

How cute! I wish I could see that little girl more! Hope you're doing well! Not much longer!