Coloring fun

I don't know if you can see, but Zoey decided to color the dog the other day with red marker. It was a little hard to get Gunner to lay still while I took his picture but he was red all over his belly and chest and down his leg. I am not that surprised that Zoey colored on him because she colors all over herself with marker any time she has them (she had colored her hand completely),why not color the dog too. I am more surprised that HE laid still long enough for her to do it. I guess I was waiting for when she would do something to the dog.


Starla said...

That is awesome! She is so cute and creative to color the dog. What a goof. Emma still colors on herself, hence the reason she doesn't get to play with markers very often:o) I'm excited that you only have 8 weeks left! Although those always seem to be the longest weeks :o( We miss you guys and hope all is well! Happy Easter! Emma says, "Happy Easter! Did you know we ate lunch? We sure did miss you today!"

Vicki Skene said...

I can't wait to see how she 'decorates' her new little brother