Easter Weekend

Easter wasn't as fun as it should have been this year. Zoey got sick and was running a fever on Sunday and Monday. Saturday she was good and we got to decorate eggs. She had fun dropping the eggs into the dye. I was planning on having her find eggs in the backyard Sunday but it was raining slightly and she wasn't feeling good. Her Easter basket was filled with lots of candy and toys. All she cared about was the bubbles. She kept asking to blow bubbles and I kept reminding her to look at what else was in the basket. My mom sent her a bunny that walks around and poops out jelly beans. She thought it was hilarious that is was pooping.

I got her a pretty Easter dress but I didn't get a picture Sunday when she had it on. She didn't have on for very long because we didn't stay past sacrament because Zoey was very whiny and just wanted to cuddle which was very uncomfortable for Mom and her big belly. Daddy stayed home because his back is acting up again and couldn't sleep until about 4 am. So I couldn't get him up for Church. Anyway, I will get a picture of her probably next Sunday.

I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend. Hopefully Zoey won't be sick again and plus she will have baby brother to do decorating with.

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Dalling Family said...

Sorry to hear about your bummer weekend. Hopefully you are all up and at it again. Pretty soon you will be feeling like a free woman - no more baby trapped inside!