Our crazy dog

Gunner has been such a funny dog. We have called him our "special boy" because of certain things he does. These certain things are things he plays with. Here are a list of things he plays with: the broom, vacuum, lawn mower, balloons, Zoey's popper she calls her vacuum, compressed can of air, your feet, Carolyn's water bed, my blow dryer, just to name a few. Anything is a toy to him. He is very fun to play with because of that. He bounces around anything and everything trying to get it to play with him. And when he gets excited and is having lots of fun, he barks or talks to whatever he is playing with. He is very fun. Here are a few videos to help explain our bouncy puppy. (Sorry it's looks squished. My camera records in HD, which is very nice but makes for squished videos on my blog.)

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