Zoey's happy birthday

We had a little party for Zoey today. Our friends Ben, Alisha, Brigham and Gracie came over to celebrate Zoey's birthday and share some yummy dinner and cake. I found this cute caterpillar cake on Kraft.com. It was really cute and Zoey liked it so we made it. I think she had a good birthday. Grandma and Grandpa Harmon we both busy with work so they couldn't be there but they did wish her a Happy Birthday.

Our day started with breakfast at IHOP. She got a yummy Create-a-face pancake with orange juice. Then a early nap because she didn't sleep well last night. She is getting a cold, mom forgot to put on her night time diaper so she peeed the bed and probably didn't sleep well with the combination of everything. SO needless to say she took a early nap to help with the rest of her day. Around 4:30 our friends showed up and played in the pool with her for a little bit before we went to the park. She played on the slide half the time and the other half running back and forth while Dad, Ben and Alisha played Frisbee. We came home, had Pizza Pasta and Monster Salad then shared her yummy caterpillar with friends. Here are the pictures and video I got.
The cake before candle was lit with Brigham

The cake after mommy finished it.

Eating our caterpillar

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*Shan said...

Cute cake! Happy Birthday Zoey! Hope it was a great day for you.