My Goofy and BIG Girl!!

Zoey is such a goof. She has been into matching everything. She knows her colors very well and will match green to green, even if the greens aren't the same tone. She really likes to pick out her clothes as well. She is very proud of herself when she gets dressed all by herself and matches the clothes. Some don't really match but if we are not going anywhere then I will let her wear whatever she wants. Her is an example of her matching her clothes.

The green shirt is not the same as the green pants, but she was very proud the she had matched it. She has also worn all yellow. Again, yellow are not the same, but still proud of herself.

The other day she was playing with her blanket just before bed. I had Ben in my lap and was taking some pictures of him when she asked me to take a picture of her doing this:

Not quite sure what she was really doing, but she thought it was funny and I thought it was funny that she asked me to take a picture of her doing that.

She has also been such a great big sister. She has been so concerned about Ben all the time. Any time he cries, she asks "Oh, Baby Ben is sad", or she say "Is he hungry or something?" So good. We went t o our ward 4th of July Breakfast at Biddlewood park and her friend Grace was looking at Ben in the stroller and moved the stroller a little bit and Zoey started to cry saying"Grace pushed Ben". She is going to be so protective of him. It will be so fun to see what she is like when he does something she doesn't like. I laid Ben on her bed and she thought it was fun to lay by him and of course I had to get pictures.

She was concerned that he wasn't looking at the camera so she helped him.
What a good big sister!!!!


Chelsea Haight said...

It looks like you are having a lot of fun with those two. Ben is really cute and looks just like Bryce. I love that he looks like a little boy already. Zoey seems to be adjusting well, and I am happy for you.

*Shan said...

She is already such a great big sister. Love the matching game with the clothes. The girls did this thing for a while when they dressed in a color it was a always related to a princess. Yellow was Belle. Pink was Sleeping Beauty, Red was Snow White and Blue was Cinderella. Instead of saying "I want to wear Yellow..." it was, "I want to wear Belle (or Snow White, etc)". It was cute. Kids...they do the sweetest things, don't they? Zoey's matching phase will be fun to capture on film. Make sure you gets shots of the ones that are just TOO extreme...especially if you won't let her go out in public dressed that way. Those are the REALLY good ones! Future ammo and the parent's right to embarrass their child...