Happy Birthday Bryce!!!!

Yesterday was Bryce's birthday. He turned 26 and realized that he is "closer to 30 than he is to 20 now" (his words) and that just made him feel old. He had a pretty good day. He had to work at his 2nd job at an auto detailer, which was a bummer but he wasn't there for very long. We ate his favorite dish, Pizza Pasta, with our friends Ben, Alisha, Brigham, Gracie, Bryce, Courtney and Braden. He requested a Ice Cream cake for his birthday cake, and that is what he got. Cookies N' Cream with a white cake from Baskin Robbins. For presents, he got some computer stuff, a Blue tooth headset for is cell phone(it is now illegal to drive and talk on the phone without a headset in the state of Washington), and Boom Blox Bash Party on the Wii (if you have never played that game, try it...it is a lot of fun and works out your arms).

After dinner and cake we went to see the new Transformers. It was very good. It had a little too much sexual references that could have been taken out and a lot of it was very unnecessary. Other than that, we really enjoyed the movie.

Hopefully Bryce enjoyed his birthday. I am very happy that I married him. He is the best husband and dad I could have asked for. I love you Bryce. We all love you!!!! Happy Birthday!!!

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*Shan said...

Happy Birthday Baby Brother. By the way, 30 isn't SOOOO old anymore. Wait till you're on the other side looking at 40...now that's creepy. Of course, by the time I'm there, I'll be tellin' ya that 40 wasn't so bad either...wait 'till 50. And so forth. Hope the birthday was a good one for you, ya old man.