Very frustrated

So, Bryce and I have been trying to get everything, as far as school goes, ready for when we move up to Spokane. Bryce is registered and has classes already signed up to take. He has 13 credits starting on September 21st. I have been trying to figure out if I can complete the requirements to work in Washington as a Dental Assistant(DA) but just found out that it's not going to work. Washington State requires Dental assistants to be registered with the state and to have EFDA(Expanded Functions Dental Assistant) which just allows the dental assistants to do more. Well, the school I applied to in Spokane has the EFDA class but I have to have a DA certificate from an accredited school which the school I went to is NOT accredited. So, my certificate went down the drain and was a waste of my time and money. I am very frustrated and it doesn't help that Bryce is frustrated(mostly with me) to. I graduated from the school 1 year ago and never got a job because I did my externship later than expected and then got pregnant. I looked for jobs but everything that I found required the DA's to have EFDA and Radiology, which I had neither of. I did interview with 3 places but never got the jobs obviously. Then I got to the point where I obviously looked pregnant and who is going to hire a pregnant lady who will leave in a few months for 6 weeks?

I did call the school and asked if they knew of any places to get the EFDA certification but they don't know of any. That helps. I can get certified for everything to work in Oregon but that doesn't help me since we are staying in Washington. EFDA is defined differently in Oregon than Washington or I would just do that. I even looked into Idaho because Spokane is right next to the border but they require EFDA which is different then Oregon's EFDA requirements so that won't work either. Annoying.

Anyway, I am very frustrated and now trying to figure out if it is worth me going back to school for something else. I have looked at other programs to see if I could finish quick but everything is 1 year or more which won't work for us in what we want to do. Very frustrating that my DA certificate is useless now unless I start all over.


*Shan said...

UGH! That's awful...and frustrating. When I moved out here I worked for a dentist. He was VERY cool. He paid for me to take the certification class to do the x-rays. I LOVED it. It wasn't a long course. I don't know how much of a difference it would make in your case though. Anyway, don't give it up. If you have to start over, then consider what you did a primer. You know it all and it will be easier the 2nd time around. The organization you got your certification from doesn't sound like they were as open with you as they should have been. Sorry. I'm sure things will work out eventually.

Hals and RJ said...

Sorry you're frustrated! We only live about an hour and 45 minutes from Spokane. We go up there to go to the temple.