Pictures and videos of my cute kids!!!

Here are pictures and links to videos. I have given up on trying to post videos through Blogger so I go through youtube.com. I find it easier. Don't forget to watch to videos!! Enjoy!!

Gunner decided to lay right where Ben is. Ben then started to kick and Gunner started to play. I thought it was cute.
You can't see it very well but this is what I call Ben's bird face. He sucks in part of his top lip. He kept moving so I could get a very good picture so I got a video of it.

He almost rolled over, with the help of his toy.
Here is a video of him and Zoey.

Zoey LOVES to sing and LOVES to make up her own songs which makes Daddy proud because he does it all the time. Here is a video of her singing to her "drive". That's what she calls her toy.


Courtney said...

So... when can we expect the next installment on your blog?

Smiths said...

I am so excited you left me a comment, because I have been meaning to email you. My cousin's name is Kacey Olson. She told me about you too. I also can't believe what a small world it is! So did you guys move from the first place you were renting? I hope you and your family are doing well! We miss you! And really cute pictures of your kids. They are getting so big! :)