New Hair Cut!!!

Lately it has been a battle to do Zoey's hair. So I finally decided to just cut it. Here are before and after pictures. It was sad for Mom because she has such beautiful long curly hair, but I am tired of fighting with her to do her hair, even to just to brush it. And I am sure she is tired of the battle as well.

So long and curly!!!

This is her hair combed straight and ready to be cut.

Its a little shorter then I intended, but still cute. I am debating about giving her bangs but I am not sure how to do it.
We had to watch Monsters VS Aliens to entertain her. She did very good until the end of course. She was telling me that her feet were hurting. I had her standing in a folding chair. She got mad at me when I was trying to measuring the length in the front because I was blocking to TV. She got a sucker because she was such a good girl.


*Shan said...

OOOOH! Such a big day! I know how you felt. I did the exact same thing with KK. Got sick of fighting about the tangles, so we cut it off. And the curls have never been the same. Sad. BUT...Zoey looks SO cute! It is a great hair cut. Neither of my girls have bangs. I think it is harder to do hair if you have bangs. I mean...ya gotta do something with them if they are short. But long can be tucked behind ears, held back by headbands, put in cute clips, pony tails, etc. So, I've opted out of the bang option. Either way, I'm certain your little girl will look marvelous. She's such a cutie!

Carolyn said...

What a beautiful little lady! Zoey you look fantastic. Grandma loves your new hair cut!

Smiths said...

Hey how are you guys doing? Are you feeling adjusted to your new life. We miss you around here! Zoey looks very cute with her new hair cut! Everyone will be giving you advice on this, but my rule of thumb is no bangs until they can take care of them. They are pretty cute on little girls, but a lot of up keep and growing them out is not fun! Have a wonderful holiday season! :)

The Greenacres said...

Looks like you did a good job. I know it is such a fight to cut Wyatt's hair. He hates having the hair on his face.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE her hair cut all short!

You know, I gave Sadie bangs and I won't ever go back to her not having them.