Little update on the Harmon's

Life has been interesting that last few days. It has been cold and we don't have enough money to run the heat in all rooms of the house so we decided to all sleep in one room, Bryce and I's bedroom, as well as winterize the rest of the house. We have a tons of vents that are blowing in cold air so Bryce took cardboard boxes and taped them close. We also put up 2 curtains in door ways to keep the heat in the room we are most in. Bryce says it our own little sauna room.

Zoey thinks its fun and LOVES to sleep in our room. She does pretty good until the morning. Lately she has been a chatter box and has to tell us every detail of everything that is going on in her little mind. And she gets VERY upset if we don't let her finish what she is saying even if it is the 5th time she has said it. She also talks about Christmas non-stop. Everything is "When it's Christmas time, we can watch this movie"....or..."I can have a sucker when it's Christmas time". She also tells me what she is getting for Christmas. Her list has already started. She also talks about her cake that she is going to have for "my birthday when I turn 4". Since her last birthday, she has wanted a snake birthday cake, but we just watched UP and now its a dog birthday cake and its going to be a chocolate cake. She cracks us up. The other day when I took her to the store with me, on the way out she said "I think its getting pretty dark out here." She always makes us smile.

The first night we all slept in the same room, Ben decided to wake up every 1 to 2 hours. I could not take it. I still have no idea why he kept waking up. I ended up just sticking him back in his room and letting him cry then sleep then cry then sleep, all night long. I didn't know what else to do for him except let him cry himself to sleep every time he woke him self up. Little stinker. He has been ham-ing it up lately. He now has 2 teeth on the bottom and loves to chomp on EVERYTHING. He chomps and talks. He also is figuring out different sounds, which is always funny to listen to and just tonight he learned how to make a kissing sound(that's the best way to describe it). I was feeding him and he of course was just playing and not really eating and then started to suck with out the bottle in his mouth, there fore the kissing sound. He loves his momma. Daddy thinks he hates him because he doesn't sleep or eat for daddy. I just tell him that he loves his daddy, just loves his mommy more :) He loves to eat peas and green beans. He liked the rice cereal but ever since I added something else to it, he gobbles it down. He is getting so big. He now is 16lbs. and still long. He wears 9 month shirt that fit perfect and 3 month pants. He has a very long torso. He is my big boy.


*Shan said...

We've had days like this too...the girls LOVE family camp-outs in our room. But it isn't always so easy for EVERYONE in the room. Cold nights mean good snuggles. I hope it warms up for you soon....and you have lots of blankets until then.

Lori said...

Hey bryce! I found your blog and now we're blog buddies! Fun times will be had for sure :)