Grasshopper cookies

Bryce bought me a package of Grasshopper cookies the other day. So sweet! So today Zoey was eating a candy necklace and I was eating some of my Grasshopper cookies. She kept asking me if she could have one of my cookies but couldn't remember the name of them so she starting to describe them to me. She this is what she did:

She went over to our movies, pulled out the movie Kung Fu Panda, yes this particular movie(she had to search for it) and pointed to one of the characters.
Do you know which one she pointed to?
Remember, she was trying to describe what cookies I had (Grasshopper cookies).

She pointed to the bug, Mantis.
And then said while pointing, "These cookies, Can I have one?"

Too cute.

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*Shan said...

Tee-hee! So cute! Mantis!!!!