Here are pictures of Halloween. Zoey had lots of fun at the Trunk or Treat at our Church. She got mad at me because I told her to say Trick or Treat to EVERY car, but she kept telling me "I already said it." We found out the her favorite candy is Nerds because every time she got a box of Nerds she would take them back out and tell me "I really loves these ones Mom." We didn't get Ben a costume this year. We didn't have enough money. Plus he was falling asleep while we were walking around.
Zoey and I carved the pumpkins. We did one for everybody.
So from the left: Ben, Zoey, Mom, and then Dad.
She was "Twirling"


Anonymous said...

she looks so pretty! Ben is super cute, btw!

Ben and Melissa Brunson said...

She is sooo cute!!!

khowell said...

Hey hope all is well with you guys. Zoe looks so cute in her pics. Love the pumpkins!