Our lovely neighbors

Saturday, we had a knock on our door around 7:30pm. Bryce answered it and our next door neighbor, an elderly lady, asked if we had a fire extinguisher. Bryce said no and looked outside to see why she asked that and the car across the street was on fire. He of course tried to help and said we have a hose but the lady told him that other people were going to other house to find a fire extinguisher. They found one while they were talking and a guy started to spray the car with the fire extinguisher. he wasn't spraying the correct way so Bryce shouted, nicely, to spray the base and sweep back and forth. Another guy shouted back to him "Hey why don't you just keep it ****to yourself!" Nice huh? So after that, Bryce and I both were like, "well fine, I will just let your car burn and won't give you any advise on how to get the fire out."

The fire department showed up shortly after that, and put the fire out. When the firefighters put the fire out, the window facing the street broke. It is now Wednesday and the glass is still all over the road. The car was conveniently parked straight across from our drive way. They have not cleaned the glass up. The car is gone, but everything else from the fire is still all over the road. Nice huh? We have lovely neighbors. They are the only reason why we don't like where we are.

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khowell said...

Oh I'm so sorry! Neighbors are the worst!! We have some not so nice ones too! Sounds like you guys are doing good though.