Little update and some videos

So there is a lot that has changed. We moved into a much much much better place that we LOVE. I have a video of that:

Also, I have many videos of Ben crawling. Yes he finally is but is everywhere now! AAAHHHH. Lately he LOVES going into Zoey's room which she doesn't mind sometimes. It was funny to watch him figure it out of course.

Ben does the splits. Actually he does them all the time. He has to do them to sit up. If you can picture this, from his belly he puts his legs to the side then pushes himself up to a sitting position, still with legs to the side in a complete split. OUCH! He is a VERY FLEXIBLE boy. Amazing. His doctor even said she has never seen a baby that flexible.


Here is a few of Ben crawling. He was uncoordinated at first, trying to get it all working together but now he "sprint crawls" as Bryce would say. And he LOVES cords, strings, necklaces or anything like those. Now Ben is a master at crawling and pulling himself up and standing.


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