Visit to Idaho

I got to visit my parents for 1 week in Feburary. It was lots of fun. Ben figured out how to sit up by himself and Zoey got to play in the snow a ton. We also got to visit Starla at her new house and meet Brinley as well as Starla got to meet Ben. Here are some pictures of the visit.

Another classic face

I made this shirt for my dad a long time ago and finally got it finished for him to wear. We made Zoey's hand prints and Ben's foot prints
Another classic Ben face.
See there it is again, the classic Ben face.
Here is Starla's girl Sofie. She is 10 months older than Ben. He is the same size as her. Ben is huge.
Zoey had a ton of fun playing with Emma. They were being so goofy.
They took turns playing dead and doctor. Zoey started it first by playing dead after going down the slide and then Emma copied.

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Courtney said...

Bryce and I watched the video of your new place, and were waiting to see Bryce on his computer. It was like the big finale. We cracked up. Cute place, love the high ceilings. Miss you guys. <3