"Don't eat the baby" and tantrums

One night at dinner, we had pasta with chicken and Zoey thought that a pasta looked like a baby. She was holding it in her hand very carefully and telling me that is was a baby. So, like any parent would do, I tried to get her to eat her food instead of playing with so I said "don't eat the baby" and she thought that was funny. She contined to say, "don't eat the baby" and now we do it every night. At least I can get her to eat her food. Since she thought the pasta looked like a baby, she thought popcorn from Les Schawb were different animals. "Look mama, a puppy" or "Look mama, a kitty", and so forth. I think there was a giraffe, frog and more. Her imagination is starting.

Since she has been back this week, she has been throwing major temper tantrums. I can hardly get her to do anything without it turning into something huge and dramatic. On Tuesday, she cried in one spot for 45 mintues because I told her to give me the phone that she wasn't supposed to be playing with but she wouldn't do it. She kept crying "no like it give phone to mommy" over and over again or when I reminded her to bring me the phone. Very dramatic little girl. Her tantrums consist of kicking her legs and throwing her arms around as well as her entire body. She just rolls around while kicking. So, while she does it, she gets hurt because she hits things and then they become owies and she "needs" a bandaid. Everything the last 2 days have been "needs" instead of "wants". During snack, "I need more Juice mommy". She bumps something on some part of her body, mainly legs and fingers, and toes, so "I need a bandaid mommy". She has worn me out so much this week.

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Ashley Smith said...

Oh the joys!!! But she is so cute!