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So I don't have any pictures to show you but I probably will once Zoey gets back from Utah. She is having fun, so far that I hear from Carolyn. She loves to go to the swimming pool which is not a surprise. That's her favorite thing to do. My week is going by kind of slow with her not being here. I have been able to scrapbook which hasn't happened in a long time because Zoey would take stuff away. I have been able to do about 6-8 pages. Most of them are 8x8 but those are my easiest ones to do. It has been very quiet during the days without Zoey. I keep thinking to myself that I need to go find out what she is doing or if she is staying in bed and going to sleep. So it's been very lonely while Bryce is sleeping as well. I don't have anybody and then I also don't work this week. So I am all by myself and not knowing what to do.

I have however been still trying to find an externship and today I FINALLY was able to set one up. It is with a pediatric dentistry close by my home and I am starting tomorrow. They currently have another extern there and the lady that I spoke to didn't want to have us overlap on time spent so that "we would get the attention we need", those were her words. I really appreciate that. So I am working Thursday and Friday from 8:30am to 12:00pm and then Saturday 8:30 to 3:00. I am excited to start. I will continue to look for something on Mon., Tues., and Wed., so that it will go by faster. One thing the lady mentioned as well was that that is how they get thier best employees. So hopefully a job will come out of it. I am very excited. Two out of three places that I wennt to, other then this one, said that they will give me call back so it sounds like I could have more soon, which I would LOVE that. Anyway, wish me luck!!

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Jessica Marie said...

I do need to call you! Why is Zoey in UT? Glad you are getting some experience under your belt...hopefully you'll get another externship too. We're still in Denver right now...but definitely ready to have our own space back again. Thanks for your advice...what'd you do for the swelling? I'm soooo sick of it!