Zoey's Friends

Zoey has some new friends that she play with, Sarah and Victoria. They both are 9 and Sarah lives across the street from us and has come over before to read books to Ken and Carolyn's cat and dog when they were gone and Victoria is Sarah's friend. Anyway, they have come over lots, usually they see me pull up after I get off work and then come over to play with her until dinner. And she loves it. All this morning she was crying because she wanted to "play with Sarah and Vicki". So when they showed up tonight she was such a goof and so excited to play with them that she was showing off as well. She makes them do things for her like put all of her toys away. She loves it when they run with her or even when seh does something funny and they laugh at her she thinks its funny and laughs right on with them. She loves to play with her new friends, Sarah and Vicki.

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