Boy or Girl?

We get to find out if we are having a boy or girl this Thursday!!! I am excited. Bryce wants to do a bet with me. I asked him what happens if we both thought it was the same thing. He said he would choose the other one. So I said I think its a boy and he said he thought so too but he is going to go with a girl because we have to be different. Goof.

Anyway, so this Thursday at 3pm we are going in for our FIRST ultrasound. I am excited to actually see the baby. We don't do the ultrasound at my doctors office. We have to do it at radiology I little odd, but oh well. So expect pictures of the baby, I am expecting to get some and will fight for them. And also to find out what we are having. I can't wait!!

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Jessica Marie said...

YAY!!! We're actually thinking about blessing her next month. Not sure when yet...but I'll let you know! hopefully you can make it down this time!