Dramatic girl and TERRIFIED puppy

Funny story about Zoey and then funny stories about Gunner(Its an accumulation of things that have happened between the puppy and the cat. Sorry it's kind of long but pretty funny).

Tonight at dinner, Zoey gave up her will to try and eat. I made spaghetti and all she wanted to eat was the noodles. She was getting frustrated using a fork to pick the food up so I got her a spoon which worked for while until she didn't have a lot of noodles left. She gradually stopped trying and just gave up on scooping up the food to eat. She would use her hands but I kept telling her not to, then she would lick her hands to get all the "yuckies" off. She finally got to the point where I could tell she was done. She keep crying saying "I dust can't do it" and putting her yucky hands on her face, covering her eyes. She was also getting mad at her sippy cup. She would lift it up but not enough to get anything out and then complain that "it not working". She tried that twice and then lifted it too much, sending the drink in her mouth, surprising her (I had taken the stopper out). Then her last attempt, she tipped it before it got to her mouth, and spilling on her bare stomach, which was very cold. She was very concerned the whole time about her ice melting. I have had to explain to her that it melts to keep our drink cold. She loves to eat ice. Moving on, I had removed her shirt and bib to prevent stains. That was the last straw for mom, who then took her to the tub, and had to laugh at the whole dramatic scene. As soon as she was in the tub with the water she was fine and all happy. Very dramatic night for Zoey.

The Puppy:
The puppy is TERRIFIED of the cat. They have come in contact only a few times, which all ended with Gunner on his back, scared, and Yogi hissing and growling at him. We try to keep Gunner where we are at and not roam the house and eat everything on the floor. Wednesday, I had Gunner and Zoey by the bathroom with a baby gate in the hallway and all other doors closed to contain both of them as I got ready for the day. The bathroom is right by Grandma(Carolyn's) bedroom. She had gotten up and was coming out to say good morning. The cat, Yogi, sleeps in her room, of course, and was still on the bed. Gunner was curious to see (or smell) what was in Carolyn's room. She had warned Gunner of Yogi, who noticed Gunner coming in and kept a careful watch on him. I stayed in the bathroom and Carolyn was relaying what was going on with the animals. Yogi was not happy Gunner was in HER room and Gunner knew she was there but yet oblivious to her feelings of his presence. She ended up jumping on him and chasing him out of the room to the bathroom door where he submitted, on his back, to her victory.

Later that afternoon, Gunner, Zoey and I were in the kitchen. I had the gate up blocking the hallway again so he won't go down. Yogi came out and was down the hallway, on the other side of the gate. I had no idea she was even there until Gunner started barking. He only barks at her where and when he knows she can't get him. He acts tough and playful. Anyway, he was SCARED to go by the gate. He wouldn't until I sat down in front of the gate, called him and told him it was ok.

Again tonight, I was gone at work already, Bryce was up but taking a shower and Carolyn was watching Zoey and Gunner for a few minutes. Zoey had to go potty so Carolyn took her to her room and left Gunner either to join or stay in the family room. He, of course couldn't just stay in one room especially if someone he likes goes to the other part of the house. Ken's office is at the end of the hallway before it turns down to the bathroom and Carolyn's room, and is a room he rarely goes into, plus it is Yogi's so-called territory. She loves Ken and is out whenever Ken is home. He didn't see her but she saw him. Carolyn was still helping Zoey in the bathroom when she heard yelping. She came out and saw Yogi coming back down the hallway towards her and Gunner behind the couch in the family room with his big ears down and tail between his legs. Carolyn opened his crate and he ran in. He got his butt kicked again by the cat.

When I came home from work today, I had Gunner out. His usual run from getting out of his crate is to RUN into the kitchen. Today he did not. He would not leave the family room and enter into the foyer and into the kitchen because I'm pretty sure he was scared Yogi was going to attack him. The whole time he has been out tonight, he has acted like he is on his toes, watching out for himself, and scared wherever he is at. I feel so bad for him but it is just to funny to see him TERRIFIED of the cat. I have yet to get a video of the meetings between the animals, but am afriad I missed the funny part about it and now just have a puppy who is now scared to go in any part of the house without me by his side. What a silly puppy.

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