Christmas pictures (yes, I know its late)

So I am really late about getting Christmas pictures up but I didn't take a whole lot because I had to help Zoey open her presents because after opening the first one she was done and refuse to open the rest. So, needless to say, she wasn't very happy that she had to open ALL of her presents. She would have been content with just the first present which was a Fishers Price train/circus set and then also the candy.

Anyway, the other presents that she did get was another Fishers Price set of Noah's ark with lots of animals, many cute outfits and PJ's, new shoes, necklaces and bracelets, a big tent that looks like an igloo, a swing/chair that hangs from the ceiling from Mom and Dad, bought at IKEA (my favorite store that I wish I could spend thousands of dollars easily at), play dough set, 3 pretty dresses, Winne the Pooh Color Wonder markers and book, Snow White Princess Barbie doll, a yellow crocheted hat with changeable flowers (pictures below), hair ties, a new toothbrush, and I think that's about it plus pending presents from Grandma and Grandpa Skene. She got a lot. Here are the few pictures and a video of Zoey and her Christmas. Most are blurry because she was constantly moving.

Opening her Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve.

Her Cousin Morigaen in his new robe with her new PJ's on.

Christmas morning: coloring in her new color wonder book.
Opening her Noah's Ark

Playing with Noah's Ark
In one of three pretty dresses (I can't figure out how to turn it, sorry) Carolyn has more picture sof her in this dress. She has worn one other one to Church the week before, but I forgot to get pictures. I will sometime and post them.

Her igloo tent with her train

She decided to "sleep" in her tent while I was trying to take pictures. She is also wearing one of her new outfits. Super cute.

Her hat with changeable flowers (there is a yellow and brown flower along with this pink one) from Shannon and Fam.

This is a video of her after she got into our stocking, which had her color wonder book and her necklaces. We hadn't opened presents yet. We were still waiting for everyone to wake up. The video was taken in HD so it looks squished.

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*Shan said...

OOOH! I've been waiting for pictures of Christmas...and these certainly seem to capture the fun and excitement of the day. I LOVE the hat. SO CUTE! Thanks for the pics.