Zoey has been fully potty trained for quite some time and I am very proud of her. Since she does it now all by herself, we have been trying to get her to do the rest of the things that come with going potty, like washing our hands, not playing with the water, not playing with mommy's makeup, not filling the toilet full of toilet paper and flushing the toilet. She does pretty good about washing her hands. I try to help her but she just gets mad at me.

She has had a hard time flushing the toliet. It's an older toliet so the handle is a little harder to turn and flush. I have been helping her flush the toliet and have been trying to encourage her to do it by herself. She did one time with me standing there and I gave her lots of praise. Last night before dinner, she went potty by herself and came running out and into the kitchen yelling "I FLUSH THE TOILET!!" She was so excited to do it by herself! She gave me a hug and then went running to daddy to tell him. It was a very exciting moment for her. Congrats Zoey! I am so proud of you!!

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