Zoey's first dental appointment

Zoey went to her first dentist's appointment today. She was content sitting in the lobby waiting, reading some books and taking over the entire couch that was there. There was other chairs but Zoey definitely claim the WHOLE couch, which is normal at home.

We were starting to get a little anxious for when we were going to be taken back. Yes, we. I was getting a little annoyed at how long we had to wait but what do you really expect at a doctor's office. And Zoey I think got to comfortable out in the lobby and thought that that was all she had to do, until we went back. Once we did get back there, I was a little disappointed in how the dental assistant handle Zoey's first time experience. Before we even went back, one of the assistants told me that the doctors philosophy for looking at kids teeth is that even if the child is screaming in horror or whatever, he can see the teeth and he will do what needs to be done. I disagree with that and I don't know if this is me being a parent or having the experience in a children's dentistry or both, but I would like my child to have a good experience and not be scared out of her mind of the dentist and his office and what they are doing in her mouth.

When I was at Dentistry for Children, where I did my externship, for first visits for the kids, they didn't push the kids. They tried to keep the kids interest in the tools, and the chairs or even the toy box. They showed the kids how the prophy cup, or cleaning brush worked, and explained what they were going to do. At Zoey's appointment they didn't do anything. An then Dr. Shebani, who I worked with, intorduced herself to the kids, talked to them, and at least did her best to keep everything positive about the whole thing. She did force the kids to open their mouth and dive right in, usually if they were scared she would try but mainly focus on what the parents want for the kids.

Anyway, Zoey did ok. He brushed her teeth with a regular toothbrush, and then did a flouride treatment. SHe was in the chair all by herself crying and asking me to hold her and cuddle her. I hope for her that it wasn't too bad of an experience for her. I couldn't go to the Dentistry for Children because her insurance is not accpeted there or I woul dhave taken her there because I know them and what they do. So needless to say, I hope Zoey is not scared of the dentist. We will see how it goes again in 6 months. But she did good. I was proud of her for not being to upset, but still a little annoyed at the people, but what can you really do.

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