The Foltz family

There is a family in my ward that just had a baby girl and before she was born they found out that she has a heart problem. Basically, only 2 of 4 valves in her heart are working. I got an email from our relief society president with a web address that the family has set up to inform all friends and family about the progress of the first surgery which happened yesterday when she just born on the 4th of this month. There now 2nd to youngest girl is in Nursery with Zoey and I, so I have talked with her mom alot. Anyway, I get pretty interested in things like this other than it being people that I know plus I have been thinking about them alot lately and they have been in our prayers here at home. If you are interested as well, here is the web site http://www.foltzfamily.com/

I am so grateful that Zoey was born heathly and also that the technology is amazing in our time now and that it is only going to get better. They were able to diagnose the problem a long time ago before she was born. I am so grateful for those doctors and the succesful surgery that this little girl has already had.

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